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Matthew is an all around bitch. He only cares about himself and he also asks hobos if they want to have sex with him. He is an all around whore, a money whore, a girl whore, you name it. He doesn't know when to shut the fuck up, and he tells everybody to kill themselves because he's a salty little bitch. He wants to 69 every girl he meets, especially girls named Elisabeth. No one likes him and he will be a loner for the rest of his fucking life.
Guy1: Ew, it's Matthew.
Guy2: I know right, He's such a gay faggot.
Girl1: I know, he wants to fuck me all the time. Like bitch, find someone who actually loves you, like your mom.
Girl2: That's why we call him matthew the bitchwhore!
by KillYourselfMatthew January 18, 2017
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