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It means that you are going to go over to your engineering study partner's house and fuck with Matlab running in the background, cause plotting takes way too long and you should have used matrix operators instead of for-loops.
Brad: "Hey Julia wanna come over for matlab and chill"
Julia: "Sure I'll pick up the condoms"
Brad: "Wait I thought we were just gonna do some Wind Chill Computation..."
Julia: "Matlab and chill means we fuck, dumbass"
**obviously Brad is NOT an electrical engineering undergraduate
by PseudoRandomElectricalEngineer November 08, 2015
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When a female engineer is so desperate for help on Matlab that she resorts to having sex with sex-deprived nerds. Similar to Netflix and Chill, but typically occurs among engineering students who seek a mutually beneficial relationship.
Male nerd: "I am going to finish my Matlab homework tonight."
Female engineer: "Matlab isn't the only thing that will get finished tonight if you help me with this programming. Matlab and chill tonight?"
by Penny Mcnickels February 07, 2017
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