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The person who knows everything in your math class, but doesn't really care/want to be there. This person will usually sit in the back of the class shouting out answers whenever they please. These answers, unfortunately, are usually right. This not only frustrates the teacher, but the other students in the classroom because they are stripped of their chance to figure out the answer. Mathhole’s are known for being characteristically loud. They find amusement in other students common struggles with basic mathematic principles because they find them so easy. Although other students in the may find the mathhole bothersome, there is no denying that they do indeed know exactly what they are talking about.
Teacher: Okay class, plug this in your calculator and tell me the answer to (insert complicated mathematical equation here)

Mathhole: Pff! Easy! The asnwer's ln9 over ln4.

Teacher: Jimmy, please give the other students a chance!

Mathhole: It's not my fault everyone is slow!

Other Student: God, that Jimmy is such a mathhole!
by alexkwassakwassa January 13, 2010
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