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The act of using your mathematical and physical knowledge to write a large amount of equations and relations on a chalk/smart/dry-erase board while knowing that your students will not understand it. The major distinction is that when one does this, (s)he is absolutely sure that the mathematics is at a much higher level than what (s)he expects his/her audience to have studied. The action may result in a feeling of euphoria due to one's supposed intellectual superiority and one's ability to use knowledge for unadulterated fun (esp. at the expense of others' dignity and feelings of self worth). Masturphysimathecating can result in equaculation.
Example 1: The professor stroked his ego by masturphysimathecating on the board while relentlessly trying to hold back giggles brought about by the bewildered look on his students' faces.

Example 2: That looks like gibberish; I think he have right in front of us masturphysimathekite. (The past tense form is strange. It somewhat resembles German grammar and sentence structure for past actions. In other tenses the verb functions however one wants to use it. The verb can defy grammar since it will be used rarely and its meaning will almost always be unambiguous)
by Mangomagic January 25, 2013
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