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A person who wrestlers with past fraternity affiliations and struggles to maintain the appearance of professionalism and maturity. Meanwhile, he is consummately at the whim of his fraternal constitution, and provided the slightest trigger (a Huey Lewis song on the radio, or any mention of tequila) and he will lapse into old ways - activities involving binge drinking, Muslim hate speech, or consensual sodomy.

He prefaces most (if not all) statements with "There was this one time...", and often takes for granted that your short-term memory is as lacking as his.

He alternately idolizes Tucker Max and Hunter S. Thompson, and wildly extolls the literary merits of the only author he's ever heard of, Chuck Paliniuk.

His understanding of human relationships, suffering, and joy is through the prism of drinking games; his morality is informed by the gospel of "Family Guy."
Bob is such a straight-laced, stand-up dude. Hard to believe he's a mastadevin.
by TonyComo6969 August 13, 2010
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