Father's Day in the ghetto.

LBJ's "War on Poverty" was a $5,000,000,000,000.00 boondoggle that destroys black families to this very day.

Maury: "In our seemingly endless series on mass confusion, Boomsheeka 'Miss Thang' Chickenheader is about to find out the results of her 87th paternity test."

Boomsheeka: "This is gonna be the one Maury; I am sure this time. D'tronne is definitely the father."

Maury: (thinking to himself that he needs to get a REAL job) "D'tronne... is NOT the father!"

Boomsheeka: "Aiiiyeeeee!" (runs backsatge and slides down wall)

by One Stark Reality May 17, 2008
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reporter 1: there was mass confusion today in iraq, where 200 bombs were dropped and 20 car bombs were detonated.
reporter 2: u think thats bad? u should see the bronx on fathers day.
by wenfro April 28, 2008
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