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Mark rober is the best uncle in the world, That worked on a mars rover (Curiosity). He also helped mr beast with the Team trees project.
He has made various inventions such as The dart board that always gives you a bullseye The rock skipping robot among other things
F-Have you watched mark rober
M-Get out of my shower
by BBKitsune February 15, 2020
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Mark Rober
Mark Rober
by Total smasher September 8, 2020
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World's best uncle that also took down scammers in India by infiltrating their offices just to put cockroches and rats inside, then hacking into the security cameras to get their reactions.
'Mark Rober built a jelly pool and took down a multi-millionare buisness idea for a few days. Amazing uncle!'
by MistaFAST June 7, 2022
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