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The worse troll on the Internet. He thinks creating alternate accounts can help him bypass the Forum but then he realizes the moderators can IP Ban him. He also thinks proxy websites such as "hidemyass" an help him sneak in but he fails to hide his identity due to his extreme lack of intelligence. Overall, mariogamer8 is an idiot...

Please watch out for mariogamer on your forum, as he may use idiot Alt Accounts like "SavageStriker" and "brawlerdude" to try and mess with you.
mariogamer8: "I'm gonna spam your stupid Forum cuz Im a troll!"
mariogamer8: "And you can't ban me because I use!"
Mod: "I would suggest you don't..."
mariogamer8: "ghe"
mariogamer8: "dzg"
mariogamer8: "kfjs"
mariogamer8 has been banned by Mod.
by Mister Spamfest August 05, 2009
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