Map control is a term often used in strategy games, where maintaining control over important parts of the map such as resources is necessary to win, having the map control is being the dominant one on the map.
I was playing some Starcraft but Joe had map control from the start so i ended up loosing because i ran out of resources.
by Rallehop March 5, 2016
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In video game jargon, a polite way of saying camping. MLG players often like to use it to make themselves sound like they're doing something technical or difficult, when in reality they're really just sitting in one spot and shooting people who come along.
"Hey man you should have seen the way I was in game last night! I was practicing some major map control!"

"Dude, you just sat in a corner the whole game with the rocket launcher."
by Mr.TIBBS! July 16, 2016
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