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To be a ten on the Worcester manometer, above a perfect physical specimen of a man (George Clooney, John Adams, Charles Lindberg, Fergie), prime targets for man hunting
Wow, Austin, Alex, and LJ are mantastically sexalicious.
by Blacula May 09, 2008
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Not only to have a 10 on the Worcester Manometer, but also to have a physical resemblance of the gods, AKA to be so sexy that women and gay men just cannot help but want you, even without seeing you, just by feeling your presence (such as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Sean Faris, John Adam, and NOTTTTT!!! Charles Lindbergh)
Betsy: Is Charles Lindbergh sexy?
Claire: Hmmm, well he is cute, but he's definitely not mantastically sexalicious. You would have to be aboslutely insane to think he was THAT good looking.
Betsy: Let's check the Worcester Manometer!
Claire: Okay!
(check Worcester Manometer)
Betsy: He came up as a 5?
Claire: Hmmm, well I guess he really ISN'T good looking...

(At a party...)
Candy: OMG! This party is so much fun!
Cookie: Yeah it is... (suddenly very alert, Cookie has stopped dancing and puts her hand slowly on Candy's shoulder) I've just cum. Is there someone at the door.
(They both whip around to see that Sean Faris has just entered. Upon realizing what has happened, they are both overcome by the strength of his sexiness and are unable to maintain conciousness, fainting in the middle of the room).
Father: (apparently slightly dizzy, speaking to Sean Faris) You're lucky I'm not gay, otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle that you are so mantastically sexalicious.
by Bobby X. June 02, 2008
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