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To cross the threshold of manhood by mixing jagermeister and bud light lime. Beware: After consumption, testosterone levels peak, often resulting in an all-out strap-on orgy (nearest pedestrians shall serve as orgy sex sex slaves if need be)
He totally got manstrapped by Chad at center ice. He was squealing like a pig!
by SmoochyChad<3 June 25, 2010
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1. when a woman has a man hold her purse for her, he has been manstrapped
2. when a woman has been whipped by a man, she has been manstrapped
3. when a woman dates a man and stops seeing her friends, she has been manstrapped
Denise manstrapped Frederick when she had him hold her purse for her while she went to the washroom.
by Dahlia R August 27, 2008
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