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A woman(even though it is MANosaurus) who is a combonation of a Woman, Dinosaur, & a Hippopatomus. They usually just look like fat messes, and if you ever catch someone glancing at her, you will witness a face of horror. There are rumors that if you get to close to the Manosaurus's babies, the Manosaurus makes you sit with kids and play with scooby doo cards. BUT.. there have been rumors to the rumor, that they have upgraded to normal playing cards because they realized they couldn't get any of that fine pussy jerking off to scooby doo cards.
Person1: Oh shit, there's a manosaurus walking through our lunch room.
Person2: My dear god..
Person3(in the background): Izabel stop sandbagging me. Ya Dig?
by Jesus Christ Jr. II April 03, 2008
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