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a creature that was once believed to be mythical, but has recently surfaced in the mountains of the pacific northwest. It can be distinguished by its high pitch shrill when attacked or provoked by a smaller predator. The war pig will attempt to win you over through free buffet dinners and easily detectable lies, when called out on these lies the war pig will back track and change subjects to another lie, the origins of the war pig are very uncertain. Some claim he is from Louisiana, others Arkansas, or California. But most tend to believe that the war pig has strong ties to Cuba, and may be the scientific creation of one Fidel Castro. ON average the war piglets take 13 months in the womb to fully grow and only then are they ready to be raised by their grandparents.
omg did u see that, its sasquatch, oh wait no its just manny the war pig
by mountup May 19, 2009
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