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A fart that possesses very masculine qualities, meaning it (along with the one who ripped it) can be fairly judged as ‘manly’ by all spectators. Manly farts are likely to possess such masculine traits as strength (powerful enough to blow a hole in the farters’ pants), potency (stinks like an open sewer and sounds like a ships foghorn) and stamina (a manly fart must last at least three seconds whilst being ripped and the accompanying stink must hang in the air for at least five minutes). Though some people find farting embarrassing, a true manly fart is ALWAYS welcomed by the farter, who must own up to it with pride (assuming there’s any doubt as to who ripped it which, with a really good manly fart, is rare). Manly farts are usually ripped by males, often young men after a night of heavy beer drinking. However they can, in certain circumstances, be ripped by women who can then claim honorary manly fart status. However this is rare and, it has to be said, kind of gross.
Scott looked on with pride as his manly fart cleared the room in five seconds flat
by Greg T London December 31, 2006
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