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a gangly or short and stocky youth (usually male) that obsessively stalks or "creeps" on helpless females. Not to be confused with nerds or geeks, these manluvers are a race all their own. Driven by the desire to rape their victims, these mammals are prone to blurting out strange phrases or inhuman noises. Manluvers often are marked by their symbolic plaid jackets. Don't get too close to a manluver, or he will think you are interested and follow you home. Everyday.

(Also, don't make the mistake of thinking manluvers are interested in men. Quite the contrary, their obsession with teenage girls is verging on an epidemic)
Sally: "That boy has friggin scary lips, man! They're collasol! And look at that neck beard, what's wrong with him?!"

Friend: "Oh, he's just a manluver! Don't get too close or he'll put coke in your coke!"
by Selena Roberts November 29, 2011
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