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A nonsensical dialect produced by the inability to accurately spell a word. This includes the use of misspelled acronyms and the chopping off of letters from words to form new and unintelligible compound words.
1. Man, stop speaking that Manjibberish and talk to me in English! Just tell it to me straight!
2. Those kids were manjibberin' when I walked by... I think they was talkin' bout my momma but you can never really tell...
by jcrip February 18, 2010
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There are numerous uses for this word, however it is most commonly used in the context described by Definition 1.

1. A feeble attempt to revert back to the old school manner of spelling words how we think they're pronounced, so that no concrete standard exists.
2. A peanut butter and banana sandwich.
3. A failed attempt at killing a squirrel. (See definition of squirrel.)
4. To idly chat while shivering. - The verb would be "To Manjibber"
5. An exotic drink concocted of three parts lemon juice and eighty-seven parts engine degreaser. Often served with a side of fried squirrel on top of a fruit platter.
Guy: Yo yo gangsterooo, what you sayin' playa?!?!
Girl: Yeshh, nthin' mann, abt u??
Guy: Why oh why can't you speak English, even for a second?
Girl: I em tkn nglshhh!
Guy: Oh just stop it! Enough of this Manjibberish! Life's hard enough as it is... Kids these days!
by #2gangsta February 19, 2010
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