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The hottest and buffest and sexiest and most arousing rower on the planet. If anyone were gonna turn you on, this is the girl who would do it. All those bus trips sitting next to her has taught me one thing... her boobs are REALLY comfortable! She is the old and faithful stroke of our crew, she didn't remain in that seat only because of her fantastic rowing ability. no, that was only a minor part. The prime contributor, was her arousingly sexy ass. We become mesmorized during our rowing trainings, and yes, even our races.
This could actually be the reason why we keep losing to bloody Walford, Wildie, Scotch and Pembroke... NONE of them have a stroke that even comes close to being as sexy as manda moo, so what have they got to distract themselves in the races? nothing! Us on the otherhand, are constantly in the prescence of a voluptuous beauty, one who's sex appeal is magnified a thousand times by the skin tight zootie! Now, who could be expected to focus after seeing that?!
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