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The state of being completely happy with one's self. In realizing that one does not need to be outgoing to others (although "mananns" usually are), that they need only to allow others to enjoy the greatness displayed before them. It has been said that being in a state of "manann" is one of the most uplifting experiences one can achieve in their lifetime. Others who are fortunate enough to witness the greatness, will be deeply moved and left with a feeling of "awesome-ness"

"manann" has also been used in many formal English conversations, to portray a feeling of joy, or excitement. And at sometimes shock, and fear. I.E. "By manann! That girl has an awesome blue Mohawk!"

"manann" has also been used to define a style, not just in clothing but in hair as well. Although never quite the same as the previous version, each new render of the "manann style” brings forth interesting new ideas and concepts previously unknown to the world.
"I was over come by a great sense of manann..."
by EstebanCQ March 14, 2007
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