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The act of mediating a cross functional group of employees to develop or improve business processes, often mistaken, especially by the mediator, as leadership. A more intense yet less productive version of this dillusion is micromanagementship wherein even the smallest details are scrutinized, often loosing focus on what inputs should be used to achieve the desired outcome.

Managementship ruins moral of competent workers, micromanagementship decimates the moral for all but the slowest of employees, who will do whatever they are told to do. For the worst cases of misidentified leadership, drop the "p" at the end of the word and add a "t".
Managementship is facilitating a week-long kaizen event of five diverse unskilled workers to determine how to save money on purchased components with an outcome that determined 3 or more quotes should be solicited to buy all components, congratulating the team, and supporting the results.

Soliciting three quotes on a 1000 piece buy of $0.03 screws ($30.00) uses 1.5 hours overhead labor at $95/hour ($142.50) to get a price of $.02 ($20.00 total). The net loss is $132.50 to get a "lower price" and the team is congratulated for "saving money". Leadership would be demonstrated by hiring competent purchasing people and empower them to make smart decisions.
by NeedALeader February 29, 2012
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