The chocking sound one makes while swallowing a full load of man spunk. Often causes gay men,s eyes to tear.
by Angry Stockholder July 2, 2019
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Bloody cum that looks like the soup, manhatten clam chowder. Similar to new england man chowder but less creamy, and more bloody. This happens after you fuck a girl so hard and long that the skeet is bloody.
I am going to fuck that cunt bitch so hard, that my bloody manhatten man chowder is going to spray all over her face while she picks the bloody chunks out of her hair.
by chungus emungus March 14, 2008
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Semen that is very creamy and white, much like new England style clam chowder. Much different than manhattan man chowder which is less creamy jizz that is bloody.
dude, tonight I'm gonna give that bitch ass cunt a taste of my new England man chowder... If she likes it maybe I'll give her a bowl or facefull
by changus emangus March 9, 2008
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When you pour a hot load of semen onto a woman or into her throat.
Dick poured a hot load of West Florida Man Chowder down her gator.
by Josh Coey February 1, 2007
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