Revealing who is your man crush, must be done on a Monday.
My man crush Monday is Jesus Christ, I'll go gay for Jesus.
by Migueeeeelito September 23, 2013
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A day made up by closeted gay men who aren't ready to fully come out, but are also incapable of masking their homoerotic desires for more than 6 days a week.
Oh my gawd, you have you seen that dude's body? I totally beat off to him today -- no homo, though, because it's man crush Monday!
by freudmacgyver December 3, 2013
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the one male you desire
A time where you and your loved one can get naughty😉.
Oo it’s man crush monday and my boyfriends home alone!
by jamesg456 March 16, 2020
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When you wake up in the morning with the person you don't know.
Girl 1: who's that guy I saw your dog yesterday with?
Girl 2: it's my man crush monday. I woke up with him and make him walk my dog
by MyFishNameisCallisto February 10, 2018
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