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A game that typically occurs in British, all male boarding schools. Standardly, a younger pupil is volunteered (coerced) to perform man, woman, bulldog, which involves a wardrobe or other doored cavity. As the coercee enters the wardrobe, the The rest of the boys gather round said door, chanting "Man, Man, Man..., Man!", as the bulldogee undresses in the cavity/wardrobe. The young lad then emerges proudly from the wardrobe in the 'man' pose - as naked as the day he was born. (As with docking some schools hold that erections are "very much frowned upon" at this stage. It is possible that the erection issue is used to weed out - or perhaps positively identify potentially homosexual boys.)

The lad then returns to the room/wardrobe, tucking his man-parts betwixt his legs (coming close to the gooch area) and the other boys chant, "Woman! Woman! Woman!...Woman!" The lad then emerges in the 'Woman' form, achieved via the mangina pose, where the penis is tucked between the legs, near the buttocks.

The lad returns whence he came once more and the other boys chant, "Bulldog! Bulldog! Bulldog!...Bulldog!" Finally, as tensions mount to the point where some boys are covering nascent erections with available soft funishings, the lad emerges once more, still in the mangina position, but this time, in reverse! And, from such an aspect, the lad looks just like the back-end of a bulldog, his ball-bag dangling provocatively from beneath his bum-crack.

"BULLDOG!" shouts everyone in a joyous climax.
Eddie perfomred a marvellous man, woman, bulldog - his man wasn't too impressive, but he was adept at the woman and, given the size of his ball-sac, his bulldog was second to none.

by pw_ninja September 05, 2009
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