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1. Liquid excretions eminating from the male sex of the human species...typically ejaculate (cum), but could also be pre-cum, sweat, pee, or other bodily fluid of manly origin. 2. Pheremone-like man scent or cologne/body-spray having sexual or sexy qualities.
"Oh my god...there is man splatter all over this frickin' dress! Or, "The sex was so hot & then I finally let go with a huge load of man splatter!" Also, "Mmmm! (inhaling through nose) even when you're gone, your man splatter stays on my mind..."
by SJ Pablo March 16, 2006
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The perfect non-derogatory phrase to replace and depict that of male semen.
Example 1
Xavier: Jeff! You got your man splatter all over me! Aim next time!
Example 2
Matt: Mike! Stop smearing your man splatter all over your face! We are trying to have a normal dinner here for once!
Example 3
Steve: I hate people who put their man splatter in bags and walk around with them.
by Blastdoors January 27, 2011
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