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A snooty private school in Bangalore where half the kids have trust funds, titles, racehorses and/or country estates. A few of them have bodyguards. The atmosphere is not actually as snobby as people think it is, but getting admission is hard.
If you go to Aditi, you probably:
- Belong to the family of a mega-industrialist, politician, Bollywood movie star, cricket player, old Indian aristocracy/royalty, or are one of the minority upper middle class kids.
- You only dine and shop on Lavelle Road or Vittal Mallya Road
- One of your classmates has probably appeared in Vogue or a society magazine
- You're not actually as haughty as people think you are, because you're old money. It's the nouveau-riche kids at Vidya Shilp who are actually super-snobs.
- All the Vidya Shilp kids get into Aditi off the waitlist for the 11th and 12th grades, and the old Aditi kids are then bewildered by sudden increase of cattiness, cliques and boasting.
- You're going to an Ivy League college because you can pull strings with the deans of Harvard or some professor at Yale is your uncle
- You party with Siddartha Mallya and RCB
- You know nothing about how 99% of India lives
- You are uncomfortable when people protest against the Establishment. But we like the Establishment! The Establishment is good to us!
- You know that TISB is more academically rigorous, but you take comfort in the fact that their dorms suck and so does the food. Day schools FTW!
Person 1: "So which school do you go to?"
Person 2: "Mallya Aditi International School."
Person 1: "Oh, the snob school!"
Person 1: *facepalm*
by dancerpants October 31, 2011
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