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MHS is an urban high school about ten minutes north of boston(by revere, everett, medford). You can find every type of person at white latin asian native american middle eastern, you name it..people from every country on the planet at the school. There is a lot of trouble there caused people who are in/ think they are in gangs(drugs, fights, etc); the school does not have a good rep for being so "ghetto" and is a place most want to avoid; people only go because they have to. However, there is also a decent number of students who succeed, and for the most part, the different types of students get along and value their diversity and have a desire to succeed.

Malden was named best place to raise a family in Mass in 2008.
(outside malden high school)

wankster1: yo i got expelled from mhs for showin my knife.

wankster2: shoot, i just dropped out too. more opportunity for trouble there than for anythin else.

honor roll vietnamese kid: what do you mean? I got straight A's and was president of key club and I'm going to Harvard for free next year.

wankster1: man, we shoulda stayed at mhs.

honors kid 1: dag, why do we have to work three times as hard to get into a good college here than at some private school? we don't get enough credit.

teacher: truth.
by beaniebaby4398 May 18, 2009
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