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Makiko is a shy lolita girl who confuses people with her age, she looks like she's 6 years of age....and acts like it since she carries around a stuffed animal ; she named Pixel. She's also really obsessed with sugary sweet desserts, and usually gets whatever she wants from her puppy eyes. She has three friends, Hotaru, Yuki, and Kaito. Makiko usually stays in her free time watching OHSHC. She has short purple hair, you'll usually see her climbing all over Yuki like a baby koala. She usually is wearing cat ear headbands.

*this is all just a made up character, sorry for all the real makiko's*
"Ugh...Makiko is too cute to be 16."

"When will she put that cat down already?''

"Is Makiko trying to be like a girl version of honey-senpai...."
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Makiko is a Lolita, She's 16 years old yet she still hangs onto her stuffed cat plush named Pixel. She usually bothers her three friends by asking if they want to play with her and her toys. She usually gets whatever she wants and whatever she pleases. She loves sweet sugary desserts and drinks.... Especially some cotton candy. She always climbs her friend Yuki like a baby koala.

*this is a made up character, sorry if I kinda got real Makikos' kinda upset.*
""She'll get cavities if she eats too much sugar." Kaito said looking at makiko.

"Is she trying to be like Honey-senpai...." Yuki asked herself.

"When will she put that dumb cat down.?" Hotaru asks

*other made up characters.*
*descriptions coming soon*
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