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Annoying person that nobody likes due to obsene image and lack of intellagence. Often the youngest child looking for attention in the most absurd ways. Makayah is a very offensive word to call another.often rejected to society an unloved by any and everything.
Ugh that girl is so makayah...what a creep.
by moni96hot October 08, 2011
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Someone who is not very pretty but no ugly. She is super skinny! She is nice to everyone and sometimes people use her for that. Everyone loves her. All guys want her. Even tho she isn't the prettiest she is sexy as hell! Everyone wants to be Makayah!
Person 1: Did you meet the new girl? She is so nice and sexy!

Person 2: Yeah I know her name is Makayah.

Person 1: That makes sense.
by Fjaisnznaksodjdjcndjsk28;'fjrd January 17, 2017
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A ugly girl who has a lack of intelligence. Is a very bad influence to people. Also a people who likes gore and weapons. A skilled artist who watches to many Youtube videos. Everyone depises her.
Popular kid: OMG!!! She is creepy! She's a Makayah!
by Haruhi-chan January 15, 2017
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