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1. to perform the actions seen in the major lazer video pon de floor
2. to thrust one's body against someone else repeatedly and at many different angles
He picked her up and major lazered her on the table.

Did you see him jump off the ladder and major lazer her.

I'm going to major lazer you at the club next week.
by gEtiTgUUd October 20, 2009
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Musical trio creating music. Currently, Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionare are in it. Mainly created reggae music and current songs. The people behind Cold Water (single), Lean On ( from Peace is the Mission ) and Know No Better ( EP ). The band was created alongside the animated series which involved a Jamaican guy. The group is now creating songs which appeal more to young people.
Did you hear that new Major Lazer album?
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by JerkyChickn July 03, 2017
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