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Maiquel is the most beautiful soul in the world! 🌎 Maiquel can be very caring but also your worst enemy! The most importance thing to Maiquel would be her babies! Pretty much Maiquel is the most badass person you'll ever meet! Maiquel has so much ambition that will make her go far in life with her optimism! Plus, she can cook ;)
This definition is about Maiquel since there was not one about Maiquel!
by Persons name December 21, 2016
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Maiquel is the most amazing person to ever walk the Earth. He’s very talented and Polite. He will put you before himself and make you feel like you’re the reason he wakes up everyday. He will melt you with the way he talks and his romantic poetry. He can be a handful at times and make you wanna rip your hair out but at the end of the day, you’ll love him with every bit of your body because although he upsets you so much, he will also make you the happiest you have ever been. Maiquel is funny and sometimes an asshole but that’s why you love him. If you ever have the opportunity to have a Maiquel in your life, value him and never take him for granted because he is a one of a kind. His smile will truly make you feel like a little kid going to disneyland for the first time
Oh my god did you see Maiquel? He’s perfect!!
by SammieBabyyy February 18, 2018
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