A dude with dark skin, almost greenish that wears platform shoes and has bolts growing out of his neck.
Look that dude dressed up as Frankenstein for Halloween, nevermind that's just a mahu.
by Da Don Cali December 28, 2011
The King of all Mahu's the great leader of #pking-jerking , said to have godlike powers. Sometimes named by his mortal name "V Danger V"
Robby : King Mahu is huge
Dennis : Yes I agree
I_Ru1z_I : Brb walking the dog
V Danger V : s0nni
by seed of lex October 29, 2010
Can't define mahu in words she is wonderful human being beatifuul by inside and out , priceless , akhand cutie
See she is mahu 🥀
by Upps dictionary October 13, 2020