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Awesome beautiful young girl who has a wonderful sense of humar

She has a bright future

Everyone loves her
Wow she is almost as beautiful and awesome as maheer

No and you know that's not possible
by Jdjdjdns March 30, 2017
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Maheer is so sexy every girl wants him every boy wants to be him he is so hot and attractive girls go wild when he look and his a great person to be with he's always there for you he's always got your back he's as hot as the sun and he's a great shoulder to cry on over all if your a HOT girl reading this THAN YOU NEED HIM!!! Over all real soled dude he's way better than some other boy that think thier cool so they beat you up no maheer a brave they stand up for thier friends and did I mention that thier super hot and sexy.
Hot girl : OMG did you see that super sexy boy in thier

Regular hot girl: yah that's Maheer I love him has like so hot
Stocking boy: man I wish I was maheer
by I love this sexy man May 06, 2018
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