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The process by which an established internet entrepreneur employs thousands of happy part-time and full-time web content writers, followed by eating all of their souls in one fell swoop.

This is done by accepting copious amounts of their work, offering pay-up-front as well as residual income on all work done, to build a successful human-powered search engine. Follow this by removing this system without warning, while keeping all work done and its future revenue. All writers are dismissed apart from a few "elite", who will from now on work at lower than minimum wage for approximately 50+ hours a week.

For the full effect of a successful Mahalageddon, it is important to additionally refuse to pay for work done so far, for those who at the time of the change were not close to the $150 minimum payout level.

More effectiveness is achieved, the more hours and passion each writer has so far injected into the work that

has not built up to $150 worth.

A truly diabolical Mahalageddon must also include an attempt to present it as being beneficial and in the best interests of all.
Mahalageddon occurred famously at, June 23 2010, at the hands of its founder Jason "Lucifer" Calacanis.
by Jason Lucifer Calacanis June 24, 2010
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