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1.Definition: A girl who appears shy, or reserved at first but when formalities begin to form the exhilarant,random,fun, adventerous, crazy, weird and awesome personality traits shine through. Generally great friends and adrenaline junkies.

Typically a Maggnolia is often compared and confused with a Magnolia- don't do that. A Maggnolia is far more superior to a Magnolia, a Magnolia is an old lady seriously Google Magnolia and go on images you get nothing but old women, but a Maggnolia is young and has never had hip sergury. Another difference is a Maggnolia has two "g's" in her name not one "g", one " g" is just lame.
Synonyms: Maggs, Ninja, Maggy, Mylene, MmmMmmMmm, Bunny, Double G, M39.

2.Verb. A dance move involving fake ejaculations,spinning, and the Michael Jackson crotch grab.
Ex. Someone would say, "Woah look at Donald, he's doing the Maggnolia!"
Ex. One guy might say to another guy, " Have you met Rosie, the new girl?"
-" No, not yet why?"
-" She's is a total Maggnolia dude."
-" No way, seriously a M Three Nine?"
-" Yeah dude . 100% an M Three Nine."
-" Man, I love Bunny's they are so fun and chill."
-" Yeah we need more Maggnolia's here, school would be way more exciting."
-"Yup, and then dealing with all the Magnolia ass teachers would be bareable with more Maggnolia's around here."
-" Hey there's Rosie, let's go talk to that Maggnolia yeah? We can show her around."
-" Yeah let's go."
friend.exciting. adventure. artist. Dreamer
by MacmillEm August 29, 2016
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