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1. An term used to express surprise or joy.

2. A greeting, after which the receiving party should repeat.

3. The noise cats make when angry.
by Ral January 06, 2005
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Someone who, for the most part, is very old-fashioned and traditional. Also a person who is very cheap (or "thrifty") and sounds somewhat like Clint Eastwood. Usually a father who is 50 years old or older, but can also be applied to anyone.

Maehs will tales of there childhood and of times when the "going was tough" for them. Maehs will usually be strict parents that try to inject life lessons into their childrens lifestyles.

The word "Maeh" is a modified version of the word "Meh" (Meaning general discontent). A Maeh is very hard to describe, be we all have probably met at least one.
John: Was that your dad just talking about how you should "wash up" after "supper", and telling you a story that started with "Back in my day.."

Joe: Yeah, my dad is such a Maeh...
by Caleb Dalton July 15, 2009
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