Or "Madonna mi" (mah-DOHN-nah-mi) - Common expression among Italians really "Madonna" which of course refers to the mother of Christ. At one time it was blasphemous, but is now mostly used to express surprise or bewilderment. Like "holy shit", "good lord", or "holy cow"

50 Gs? Madonna mi that's a lot of money!

Madonn' that broad is fucken ugly!
by karaNY February 20, 2006
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Italian for Madonna or Mother of God. Pronounced "marhonne". Usually used as an exclamation. "Oh, Hell!"
"Jimmy, you let the sauce boil over!! What's wrong wit you? Madone!"

"Madone, he's got a mouth on him."
by Sass August 19, 2004
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typically a gay guy who loves listening to Madonna's songs.
- Hey, dude, do u know where I can get a new Madonna video?
- Go, ask Adam. He's a kinda madonner!
by Seaborn April 4, 2008
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Typically italian word used when you get hurt on something ( ex. on your pinkie) and you start saying very bad words.
PIOVONO MADONNE is literally "they're raining the Virgin with child and Saints"
by italianslug August 11, 2015
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