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a hot and sexy beast. a mad lion does not fail at anyhting.
guy #1:Dude that guy just went mad lion up in this bitch

guy #2: holy shit lets get out of hear before he embarrasses us
by runner2578 May 14, 2011
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Dancehall musician and rapper, who collaborates with the great KRS-One. Mad Lion is an acronym for "Musical Assassin Delivering Lyrics Over Nations". He has some serious, such as those with KRS-One, and some about typical problems, such as smoking herb and being accused of being a baby's father.
"Have you downloaded Real Ting by Mad Lion?"
"Yeah, it's awesome!"
by Joey the Lion February 08, 2007
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1. A particularly shitty artist or group.
2. A reggae artist, whose cd can be purchased at the dollar store
3. Sameer's favorite rapper
dude, that cd sookz my nootz, that shits madlion

Yo i was in the dollar store the other day, where all the sweaty, poor people shop, and I copped the new madlion cd.
by the ludes January 28, 2004
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