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1. in women, the hormonal condition whereby estrogen levels are produced to in excess. This causes rapid or extreme growth in the breasts giving them exorbitant sizes i.e. FFF, 38 GGG The best part is, they don't stop growing. Much to the excitement of men, this is ideal for a breast man.

2. some women grow faster than others but this can also cause, feelings of superiority, sensuousness, physical lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, depression and sometimes isolation.

3. The envy of regular chested women and every man's dream.

4. The hormonal condition and some women to grow epic breasts.
Darren: you know that girl in our English class? She just visit from no way and she has get this…48NNN bust. what she has is called macromastia.

Victor: no way dude I… *spots Sonia* HOLY TITS!!!! she's gorgeous! Any guy would be lucky to have her.

Darren: I know I just asked her out.
by darkninja445 June 28, 2013
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