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Term, generally associated with gay pornography, to indicate an allegedly 'straight' i.e. heterosexual man who is prepared to anally or orally penetrate a submissive 'gay' man for cash. The 'machofucker is invariably well endowed and often of black or latino origin.
Have you seen those amazing machofuckers on that site, one Brazillian guy whacks this little Czech out of his mind.
by ideolect July 07, 2008
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Term became popular through a commercial gay porn site with the same name that featured almost exclusively well-hung Straight- or Bi-sexual guys, most of them with an Ethnic background, who had rough sex with mostly smaller, white or Hispanic gay boys. The immense popularity of that aforementioned website led to the fact that everyone using the term "Machofucker" in, for example, private contact ads or profile pages on gay contact sites, could be assured that the reader would make the right association what the writer meant by using this term.
Headline of a gay contact ad: "Hung Dominican, 29, 6", 10in, uncut, all Top, looking for younger slim dudes to get fucked Machofucker-Style."
by yaman08008 January 03, 2017
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