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"Ye Ye Yo Yo Herms~~~ Ma Fuga Down wit da shaznat."

Mafuga is the language they spook back in the hood in the 1850s. Of course the hood was composed of Native Indians instead of the stereotyped gangster~ African Americans Today.

Mafuga has 6 letters in it:
1. M
2. A
3. F
4. U
5. G
6. A

Many people enjoy abusing this language, an example being, "OmgZ~~~ i M t3h RO0x0r~~~~ MAFUGAS~~~"

In Mafuga expression, taht would mean... i'm Indian, come eat my pigs and wear my salt~.

Till this day, the Mafuga tribe still exists and has been in the "DL" from the gov.t. There is a randsom for Man Mafuga, a #1 terrorist within the commmunity. The randsom includes free pizza and donuts for 1 minute and 3 mins.

George W. Bush once stated, "Mafuga, Jihad, Mafgua. Pretzel. GG".

Basically, he is tryin to say his brain is the size of the nut, oh yeah, and that Mafuga is teh r0x

For u Mafugas, A.K.A. Haters, hollaz at me y0~~~
Mafuga 4evz... tehy r teh pwn~
"Mafuga Jihad~~~ Oh no~~~ Peanut!"
-Wannabe Indians, 1900s

"Mafuga yo Trafuga???!?! Ern~~ Noz!"
-Native Indians, expressing love to each other

-a typo

"ma fuga"
-an00b aka prakjit~
by Mark Wan May 31, 2006
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