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m0fire, a very sad 30 yearold man, he spends hours making threads on a online fps forum about how great the u.k is, but fails horriabley. his english and typing fail but claims he is the superior race.
failed thread by him
the tank: the first tank was created by the british

THE ATOMIC BOMB: britain was the first to think about atoms as a weapon yes before the nazis!!! and durging ww2 there was a race to build it. The atomic bomb was made in america BUT NOT BY AMERICANS it was an international team mainly consisting of germans, candians and british scientists

the submarine: ok it was created by a dutchman but he was working for britain and made it for britain

television: Created by the scottish man John logie brilliant british inventor!!

computer: the first actual computer system was created by the british in ww2

radar: the first real radar was created by the british and britain was the first to use it as a way of finding enemie planes

the industrial revolution: britain started the industrial revolution there would hardly be anything we have today with out it
by suckmycock noob July 10, 2008
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