M'kayla is a smart funny girl,sometimes she can get on your nerve but at the end of the day she start your friend.she can crack a lot of jokes but you'll know when she serious. M'kayla is a bit emotional sometimes she loves to do dares .she cute and she has plenty of talents but are scared to show them .She really competitive she's unique ,kind,sweet ,Cool,funny and a amazing friend.
by Jaysocool223 April 1, 2018
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M'Kayla is the most beautiful ,independent person I know she will pop off at somebody if she have to don't come across her wrong she will beat you down and she is very smart,intelligent ,funny.
M'Kayla is a very pretty and has all the boys after her..... And also I love her vvvvv much
by Luvvv13 July 30, 2020
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