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M'kayla is a smart funny girl,sometimes she can get on your nerve but at the end of the day she start your friend.she can crack a lot of jokes but you'll know when she serious. M'kayla is a bit emotional sometimes she loves to do dares .she cute and she has plenty of talents but are scared to show them .She really competitive she's unique ,kind,sweet ,Cool,funny and a amazing friend.
by Jaysocool223 May 19, 2018
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She is honestly the bestest most gorgeous woman you will ever meet in your life. She stays by your side and never leaves. She has the most caring heart even though at first she may seem scary. She loves hearing about your feelings and tried to help as much as she can. When you meet her youll instantly fall in love. She also likes it when you call her sexy.
Mkayla makes me feel like I can fly to the end of the universe and back.
by Bestest woman April 05, 2018
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A nice beautiful lady who has a dirty mind sometime and she is a freak in the bed but is a good girlfriend. And very childish
Hey is that mkayla
yea she is great
oh really
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Somebody that takes it in the butt then wants it in her pussy then when you jizz in her she will have you clean it up
I dont want a m'kayla
by I dont want a m'kayla May 10, 2015
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a happy sunshiny girl that everyone adores. especially the guys. she’s a beautiful girl with eyes tht could make you fall in love instantly. her body is beautiful and she has curves like a highway, and the booty is great too. she a fun outgoing, adventurous person. her eyes are like the ocean and if you look hard then you feel like your drowning. she has freckles like no tomorrow and is someone you can trust dearly.
“Dang mkayla’s booty on fire today!”
“ mkayla is so trustworthy.”
by slurpindurp May 16, 2018
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