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A sweet actractive girl really skinny bright amzing sometimes bitchy but a great freind loves sports really amazing any guy to date a Lynnasia will be very lucky she is defenseive and somtimes sensitive sometimes very rude she is a kind loving girl she dosent eat much and has no boobs a little tiny butt and responsible for somethings
Girl:she is hideous
Boy:no!! Shes beautiful

Girl:shes a Lynnasia
Boy: i think im in love <3
by hahalolgirl October 11, 2013
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A very loving girl. She can be mean and rude but can make a guy happy. Lynnasia has a very bad temper and if you pull the rong string your done . Lynnasia is a very charismatic person. She is a beliver and fights for what is wright or her self. Lynnasias don't need a boyfriend at a young age they can be flirts and such but tend not to be completely ready. Don't take two steps instead of one. Anyhow any boy or man would be lucky to have her. Lynnasia is one of the best friends ever. She will always be there and losing her will dismay all .

We love lynnasia.
Boy:that's my girfriend lynnasia
Girl:dont treat her wrong
by Loveyoulol October 11, 2013
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