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Funny, hot as hell bad ass bitch who isn't afraid to talk your man. She'll fuck you up if you mess with her boy. Her pussy bomb asf and everyone loves her. Her boyfriend/husband/crush is lucky as fuck to have her. If she loves them they better love her back bc she the best bitch out there. They lucky as hell to get to tap that shit everyday nigga.
by Phatass. May 14, 2018
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Lyllian is the most stunning girl in the world. She is very funny and loves to be happy. She has gone through some tough times but doesn't let it get to her. She is a great friend but is tough to keep close to you. She is obsessed with looking good and impressing people. She is very emotional.
I had an awesome day with Lyllian today!
by Snoopy57 May 10, 2018
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