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Synonymous with: Tina, Rick, "Fat Lard"

Multiple uses:
1. One who avoids the sun like the Bubonic Plague, yet always seems to be tan
2. One who overeats... way too much
3. One who can be seen doing a "step BUMP BUMP" when no one is looking
4. One who does gymnastics on regular household furniture
5. One who closely resembles a girl named Jenny from England
That person lives Alaska... but is always so dark... must be a lyddan.

Oh look, the lyddan over there is eating again!

Is that girl over there reciting the alphabet backwards?? What a lyddan!!!

That stupid lyddan ruined my couch on her triple axle vault!!!

Is that Jenny from England???? No.. it's just another lyddan...
by Nicole March 18, 2005
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