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Luzitzel is a Hispanic name that is pretty rare but a very beautiful name for girls. Luzitzel is one of a kind ! She loves food. She enjoys being around her friends to get rid of boredom. Always trust a Luzitzel because she is a very unique person who will keep all your secrets. Never hurt a Luzitzel because she won’t forgive you. If you know a Luzitzel never leave her , keep her because she is not like any other girl. She’s an amazing friend you can always count on. She’s beautiful in every way even if she might not agree to it. She’s a girl that makes all the guys wet but you’ll be lucky if she chooses you to be the one for her because she’ll love you endlessly.
hey ! there goes that beautiful girl luzitzel!
by ssssaaazzzz July 05, 2018
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