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Luz Piñeiro is the most beautiful girl you will ever met. Someone who will get the best person out of you. She has the darkest and nastiest sense of humor out of everyone you know and she has the greatest personality that can brighten your day at the click of a button. Her smile can make you smile every time you see it even when you are just not in the mood to speak to anyone. You find her eyes to be the most beautiful out of everyone else's. She is the type of girl where you don't have the struggle to not stare at her hot body, she has the thickest ass and the tiniest waist. Her face is the part of her body that you feel you should stare forever. To you she is so special because you care so much about her that even you find it crazy sometimes. She should always be treated like a true princess (but not spoiled) She’s been through a lot. She may show that she is confident and strong but deeply inside she has her insecurities. And be careful because she’s a freak in the sheets ;)
•Do you know Luz Piñeiro? She’s hot asf dude!
•That Luz girl has hella issues!
•Luz is beautiful inside out :)
by whatevsstalk July 03, 2018
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