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Adj. Mistakenly attributing lustful feelings in another where none exist, or

Thinking someone has no lustful feelings for a friend, when they do.

It can be used to describe the suspicion a spouse has when their partner has 'a genuine friend with whom they share no romantic feelings' but the spouse thinks they are lovers. The spouse is 'lustaken'.

It could also describe a misunderstanding between friends when one thinks they share romantic feelings and one person has none.
"Honey, you're lustaken, we are just friends."

"He looked at me like he wanted to kiss me, but he never did. I must be lustaken."

"I didn't realize she was into me. I was lustaken. We made out for hours!"

"We've been good friends for years; I think of him like a brother. If he doesn't understand that, then he is lustaken."
by Zaphid Beeblebrox July 31, 2014
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