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Lulz Security (or simply LulzSec) is a computer hacker group that claims to be responsible for several high profile attacks.
Dude, did you notice LulzSec hacked all those Sony accounts? Lulz!
by anonymous lulzsec mem June 14, 2011
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An group of said "hackers" who are very flamboyant (just kidding I mean buoyant). They live on a boat in an undefined location in the Atlantic ocean. They often complain about slow internet but that is because they are behind 7 boxxies + Tor over satellite ISPs. Well known for hacking a few random "FBI" affiliate websites and Sony (but who hasn't). They don't have any goal to their voyages, just simply put innocent users at risk when dumping off their poop-deck onto pastebins.
Watch "whalewars" on animal planet to understand how Lulzsec is a whaling ship and the government is the fat old guy.
by lulzsack June 12, 2011
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A group of script kiddies from Pakistan ranging from ages 14 to 36, who use known vulnerability to "hack" Sony websites and other notable sites. After using exploits to gain access to large databases, they then search the database for possible administrators of other "big" sites. They heavily rely on admins using the same password on other websites and once they've "hack" those sites, they claim to have 1337 sk1LLz. The only skill this group have, is using programs(Not programmed by them) to automate sql injections. lulzsec also release information from databases they've "hacked" and blame the websites for the exposure, rather than warning the websites of security flaws so they can patch it. They've made it clear that they "hack" for the lulz.

lulzsec are also known to be big fans of geohot.(PS3 hacker)
Dude, lulzsec just hacked!!!!!!

So what?
by TheAnonymousGroup June 04, 2011
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The state of one being owned by a bunch of highly trained hackers AKA lulzsec. More specifically :

A hacker group known to own any major company out there in hacking terms. They are devoted to showing us how big companies like Sony put profits above customers. They hack "ancient" outdated websites and publish stored sensitive information, destroying the company's reputation.

We love lulzsec
more ! MORE ! More hacks coming !
Dude 1 : Shit man, the psn is down !!!!
Dude 2 : LOLZ MAAAN You just got lulzsec'd !!!!
Lulzsec : Mess with tha best, Die liek da rest :D
Sony : Fuck u now we lost loyal customerz
Common Sense : Sony deserved this ownage :)
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