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Lukas Cantrell's are usually assholes, who never talk, and they are anti-social. He hates when other guys touch him. For some reason he doesn't like lapdances. He needs to be with Jessica, but he stresses out over everything. If she doesn't message him back, he might cry. Or call the police because he's worried. He used to wear a heavy jacket everyday to school, until one of his friends threatened to burn it. But we both know she wouldn't have burned the jacket. He gets the credit for helping someone, even though her friends made her laugh and forget about it even though Lukas Cantrell did jack shit. Lukas usually cares about his hair 24/7, Lukas would comb his hair and it would looks exactly the same. Lukas Cantrell's are usually Dominant. Their nickname is Mr. Dominant.
Situation 1:

Person 1: I need to touch Lukas Cantrell's butt.
Lukas Cantrell: No! That's not normal.
Situation 2:
Boy 1: I wanna give Lukas Cantrell a lapdance. It's not weird.
*Sits on Lukas Cantrell.*
Lukas Cantrell: Get off me!!!
by Jenelle Z July 10, 2014
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