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(n.) The extreme fear of Russian Ballet Warrior, Liudmila. Side effects include: Rapid weight loss, increased suicidal thoughts, chair leaping, bruises, intense body odor, over active salivary/sweat glands, adaptation of russian dialect and culture, intense hatred of pianists named steve, increased awareness of one's zipper.

*May lead to fear of mirrors and crippling injuries of hips and knees. Also, intense longing for corrective surgery may induce.
Positive Polly became distraught when Luda threw a chair at her, causing her Ludaphobia to skyrocket out of control and sending her into an epileptic frenzy. She now resides in a padded room with no reflective objects whatsoever. We now call her Fat.
by Mt. Dew Drinker February 22, 2009
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